Let’s Ressurect the “Thank You Note”

January 22, 2008

I adore Writing paper, unique cards and any type of stationary.  I will find any excuse to write a note just to try out some new stationary. 

What is it about boys and writing thank you notes? Here I am with an incredible array of papers and cards and you would think that I have asked them to remove a limb! My typical response to them as they procrastinate and moan about this simple courteous gesture is; “you like getting the gifts, don’t you”?  “The least you could do is take the time and thank them”!

I find it very difficult to have any compassion for the lil dears when the act of writing a note is fairly simple.  I will admit, they get it done eventually…..but by that time I  have had it!

 I have gotten a lot of cool papers and cards  from www.iby.com. Check it out and please ….don’t feel compelled to write me a thank you! HA!

The nagging Crazy Mom, Chelle

Valentine Gift Ideas

January 11, 2008

I got to thinking that I want to do something “special” for my husband this year for Valentine’s Day. But what would it be?  I could make a special dinner….NOT! I could enroll us into ball room dance lessons….definitely NOT!! So what will it be?

What if I purchased something wild and crazy to wear in lingerie?  That might work! Something other than my typical night shirt or pj’s.  I took a look at www.lingeriediva.com

WOW! They have a bit of everything!  My hope is that when I put on one of the items I will become tall, young and lean. Just like the beautiful models on their site.  OK, I can dream can’t I? 

To make it up to my husband, I am prepared with another “treat”. An evening to a comedy house to see a favorite comedian. Now that should make up for any disappointment. Now when he is laughing I can convince myself it was the comedy act!

Funny Valentine, Chelle

The need for CANDY!

January 8, 2008

Candy break. What happens at 2:00 ish every afternoon? My body cries for candy! OK, maybe not cries but whines more like it.  Not just any candy but chewy candy! Do I have a deficiency? I am to the point that I can tell time by the intensity of the candy urge. OMG! I am the only one I know who keeps a 5 pound bag of skittles under her desk. Sick, huh? Is it better that I take out all of the purple (grape) ones? Just don’t care for that flavor AND I save a few calories! I feel like a junkie, I have even been seen searching the bottom of my pocketbook for a loose juicy fruit. I had to control myself the other day when I was cleaning out my car and found an old ‘good and plenty’ on the floor between the seats. It was tough for me to throw it away. I guess it’s all relative, right????? Humor me! Throw me a bone. Better yet……………………..throw me a Twizzler!

Memories with a Glow!

January 2, 2008

To this day when I place those electric candles in the windows I am filled with memories of my childhood. That warm and comforting glow still reminds me of when my sister and I (4 years younger) shared a bedroom. I would tease her that the decorative knobs on the bed frame was a magic radio and I would sing along with different “stations” as I pressed the “magic” knob! Boy was she gullible! I could never get away with anything now with her.  Back to those candles…..I also remember telling her as we stared at the candles that Santa was up on our roof. I swear I can still hear the hoofs and jingle bells.  Just then is when I saw the shadow of the Big Guy on the wall leading down the stairs. I know it was him, Santa. Funny, how all of the warm memories still fill my mind every time I look at those electric candles in my windows. I will never ever not have them glowing in my home. 

Follow Up on the Lasagna Rolls!

December 17, 2007

You will be happy to know that our lasagna making day was a success! Personally, I don’t want to have to make these ‘lil devils for a very long time!

I wanted to share a few quick hints to make the process easier for you.

  • Always remember to “pam” the dish
  • I used those disposable tin roasting pans for easy clean up.
  • Always top them off with some mozzarella cheese. I like to do that so when I take them out of the freezer the cheese is already on them and I only have to add the sauce.
  • I found that if I mark the top of aluminum foil with the amount in the pan, I can take them out of freezer accordingly.
  • If you end up with broken lasagna noodles; I made smaller, narrower ones to serve as appetisers or a pasta  first course. One can never have enough pasta!
  • Don’t forget the best advice of all.  Boil all of the lasagna noodles, lay them out on wax paper (after you drain)  then gently brush olive oil on each and after all of the pasta is cooked you can begin to roll your lil heart out!

We made the zillion of meatballs this past weekend. Froze them in freezer bags and we will just drop in the sauce the day of the event! Get organized and even an occasion with lots of people attending can be fun if you plan in advance!

Happy Party Planning!


Holiday Letters ~ Bah Hum Bug!

December 11, 2007

Are you like me and when I get a several page holiday “catch up” letter I shudder? First of all, it’s not that I don’t appreciate them and it’s not that I don’t really care but why does everyone have to send them the week before Christmas? I’m too busy to take the time to really enjoy and read them. I was thinking; what if people sent them out around a special day in their lives, like a birthday or anniversary then the recipients would be able to enjoy that particular letter with out competing with 700 hundred other letters at the Holiday time? And be honest…..the year could not have been totally perfect! I think others want to empathize with things that weren’t so good with you and yours throughout the year. They want to revel in knowing that crap happens to you too!

I am really lovin’ this idea! You could go to any invitation site or go to one that we’ve worked with like: www.iby.com   and get some cool themed note cards or paper and start a new tradition with your catch up letter. What about sending one around Valentine’s Day to the people you love? How about a birthday theme and this is the best gift you could get….sharing  news with friends and family! Let’s not stop there; you could use 4th of July paper and send a “bang of a family letter” to all. Any ideas from you guys? I’m anxious to hear back BUT not the week before Christmas! HAH

Your Crazy Mom,


Print your own Instant Coupon

November 30, 2007

Have I got a deal for you!!  I happened onto some coupons that you can use Online!Use them for all your shopping needs this holiday season.  They have expiration dates, so be sure to remember that.  But how easy is this to save a little Doe Ray Me !$!

Check out: 

American Eagle Outfitters Coupon Code: 64152219 (15% off  now thru Dec.  11)

Armani Exchange Coupon Code: STYLE20 ($20 off $100)

Banana Republic Coupon Code: BRHOLIDAY (20% off now thru Dec 24)

Bare Escentuals Coupon Code: BEFAMILY (20% off thru Dec 2)

I’ll post more soon along with some great in-store coupons, so keep checking back!

Holiday Madness and Lasagna Roll Ups Recipe!

November 30, 2007

OK, why is it that I feel compelled to bake dozens of cookies, write holiday notes, decorate the entire house in holiday decor and purchase gifts on line…….all in one evening? It’s madness. What’s the deal? I’ve got to tell you it’s getting harder and harder to manage all of the things I want to do. Am I getting old? Lazy? Do you find that you could use 12 more hours in your day? I keep stopping myself and I am really trying to slow down and truly enjoy the things I am doing…..but it’s difficult for me. I could use some suggestions, got any?   Gotta run, I’m making 140 lasagna rolls for a bridal shower.

OK, I know what you are thinking, “I offered to make them and I put myself under this extra stress.” I really like cooking and it’s for a dear friend.  Want the recipe? It is not only delicious but makes a great presentation as well. OK, here goes, this recipe makes 8. Needless to say I usually triple it! This is going to be just for the actual roll ups. You can use your own sauce recipe or even open a jar! I like to freeze them too, this way I always have them on hand.


  • 2 cups Ricotta cheese

  • 1 cup Parmesan cheese

  • 10 oz frozen spinach (drained, I saute it with garlic and olive oil before I add to cheese mixture)
  • 1.5 cups of mozzarella cheese (save 1/2 cup to top)
  • 1 slightly beaten egg
  • 1/2 t salt
  • 1/4 t pepper
  • 8 cooked and drained lasagna
  • Combine  all ingredients and spread about 1/2 cup of mixture on each cooked lasagna noodle. Jelly roll it up!
  • Cover with sauce, sprinkle the remaining mozzarella cheese and Bake for 30-40 minutes @350 covered with foil. I use a glass baking dish.

Here’s a hint: I like to boil the lasagna noodles first then drain them and lay them out on some wax paper. I brush with a little olive oil, cover with wax paper and layer the noodles in opposite directions to avoid sticking! Then I can start the spreading of the cheese mixture and begin to roll.


Madness, I know, but I guess I do it ’cause I love doing things for my family and friends.

Madness to you and yours,

Chelle, a crazy mom

Another Sold Out Day for Crazy Mom Deals!

November 19, 2007

Yes, it is truly a crazy day today!   I woke up this morning, made breakfast for the kids, packed their lunches and took them to school.  I can’t believe that Crazymomdeals.com was sold out by the time I logged onto the computer.   Wow girls, you sure love those candles!  Was it the awesome price?  Is it the because it’s getting dark earlier?  I guess I should have grabbed one for me before the frenzy was over!  We promise to have more awesome deals again, so keep logging in!  Thanks for all of your support, we have met some wonderful new friends with this adventure!  We are having a blast and hope you are too!

Hello world!

November 19, 2007

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